Local Immigration Partnerships

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are part of a federally funded Canada-wide project to increase the engagement of newcomers at the local level. They are a form of multi-level governance designed to strengthen local capacity to attract and retain newcomers by bringing together service providers, settlement agencies, community groups, employers, and other key organizations across municipalities to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all newcomers to a particular region.

The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (GMLIP)

What We Do

Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership consists of immigration stakeholders, immigrants, the business community, and municipal government partners.  The LIP will help implement the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy and will provide a better framework to understand the needs of newcomers, the gaps in service delivery and the process by which collaboration can lead to much better outcomes for newcomers.
The GMLIP consists of a council, four working groups, as well as a Francophone Immigration Watch Committee. Working groups meet once every quarter, while the LIP Council and the Francophone Immigration Watch Committee meet every four months.

As part of an initiative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) encourages newcomer-serving community organisations across Dieppe, Moncton, and Riverview, to implement extensive and comprehensive action plans for the development, modification, and implementation of services for newcomers, to ease their transition into the workforce and social integration into the Greater Moncton Area.
Our Greater Moncton LIP builds on relationships between newcomer-serving community organizations to encourage and facilitate intentional collaboration to share knowledge. This partnership makes it easier for organizations to serve, hire and interact with newcomers successfully and efficiently, while feeling more connected to the overall community vision.
For a more thorough history of Local Immigration Partnerships across Canada, check out the Local Immigration Partnerships Handbook by IRCC.





Our vision is to make the integration and retention of new immigrants a key priority in support of Greater Moncton’s vision of being a growing, prosperous and inclusive community.

The GMLIP consists of a council, four working groups, as well as a Francophone Immigration Watch Committee. Working groups meet once every quarter, while the LIP Council and the Francophone Immigration Watch Committee meet every four months.

The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership is a forum of diverse partners committed to making Greater Moncton a growing, inclusive and welcoming community. It acts as a catalyst for achieving the vision and meeting the objectives of the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy.


Key Areas of Focus

The GMLIP focuses its work primarily on supporting and facilitating the implementation of the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy through the following key objectives:

1. Promote Greater Moncton internationally as destinations to study, advance careers, do business and live.
2. Strengthen alignment of immigrant attraction efforts to labour market demand and economic opportunities.
3. Expand and improve the pathways for immigrants.
4. Significantly broaden both public awareness and engagement.
5. Expand and enhance settlement services to meet the needs of immigrants and foster better workforce outcomes.
6. Invest in and strengthen the immigration support ecosystem.
7. Strengthen Greater Moncton’s leadership and advocacy role.



GMLIP Team- Erika Cantu – Project Manager

Erika Cantu brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that will serve her and the local newcomer community well in this role. Join us in welcoming her to the team!

A citizen of the world, Érika decided to put her roots down in Greater Moncton. Originally from Brazil, she lived in the United States and Belgium before settling in Canada.

Érika has a remarkable experience in International Business working with different sectors and countries. A results-driven leader, she speaks five languages, and she is always ready to create genuine connections. Certified Life Skills and Art of Hosting facilitator, Érika leads with purpose and humanity, she truly believes in the importance of the sense of belonging in a community.

Érika is one of the co-founders of VIVA Moncton and BrazilNB, the ethno-cultural associations in Greater Moncton. CAFi past vice-president, Érika was also one of the stakeholders of the NouLAB, the Economic Immigration Lab. In 2018 she leaded the Diversity Champion project and at the same year she was nominated as one of the top 25 immigrants in the Maritimes. In 2020 she was awarded as Greater Moncton's Top 20 Under 40. 

Érika Cantu (she/her – elle)

Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership Manager  

Office |  (506) 265-4745



795 Main Street, Suite #300, Unit 8 

Moncton, NB, E1C 1E9​​​


Espérance Cuma
Alfred Bessowa Ebolo

Espérance Cuma

“When I first arrived, there were not many immigrants to Moncton and only a few students from Africa who were studying at the University,” recalls Espérance. “Today I have met many families and do all I can to help them learn about the City and Canada.” 

Espérance Cuma



“Once I got to know the people of New Brunswick, I had no interest in leaving,” says Khaleel, who is now celebrating his sixth year in Moncton.  “People have been extremely warm and welcoming. Moncton is home to me now.”  



Alfred Bessowa Ebolo

“I am working in my field of study, and the people I work with are like family,” he says. “I have found that people in Moncton are willing to help when you need it.”

Alfred Bessowa Ebolo