Are you looking to reach immigrant talent beyond traditional job search engines such as Indeed or the Canada Job Bank? Using these websites is often time-consuming, especially for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with limited human resources capabilities. And for immigrant job seekers, these sites don’t always allow their qualities and skills to be highlighted. Achieving a more diverse workforce begins with creating a more diverse candidate pool. Consider posting your job ad with the following:

  • Immigrant or community media sources and publications
  • Associations for internationally trained professionals
  • Language-training program websites and social media groups
  • Local settlement or employment agencies

Developing relationships with these organizations is a great way to attract immigrant talent, as many of them offer job readiness programs for immigrants and prepare them for jobs in in-demand sectors. Another effective strategy is to encourage your current immigrant employees to make referrals. This also lets your staff know that you are committed to expanding your immigrant talent pool.  

And when advertising a role, be sure to include relevant health and safety policies so as not to deter potential applicants. Workplace safety is a top priority for most job seekers.

Online Adaptation

Most organizations have an online presence. Explore their websites and social media to access virtual audiences. And, if a job can be done remotely, consider broadening your search. Candidates living in other regions of the country can provide unique perspectives and localized support for your customers.



Working NB Working NB provides support in recruiting candidates, writing job postings, and accessing job fairs and job banks.
Atlantic Immigration Program / MAGMA The Atlantic Immigration Program assists employers in hiring skilled workers and recent international graduates who want to live and work in New Brunswick. To learn more, email
Head Start to Employment The New Brunswick Multicultural Council’s Head Start to Employment program supports employers in attracting, hiring, and retaining globally competitive talent.
Skills Launch / MAGMA The Skills Launch Immigrant and Refugee Employability Project for Youth and Adults connects local employers with immigrant talent. This full-time program helps participants hone their job search and interview skills through occupational and sector-specific orientations, learn career-focused language and workplace essential skills, and obtain experience through paid job placements.
Immigration Greater Moncton Immigration Greater Moncton is a one-stop shop of services for those wishing to immigrate, live, study, or work in the area. This web portal includes a list of resources and programs for employers looking to hire immigrant talent.


Greater Moncton Newcomer and International Student Employment. Register to attend an employment fair and connect with newly arrived newcomers and international students seeking employment. Contact  



“We are very fortunate to have so many agencies, organizations, associations, and educational institutions that provide support and resources for newcomers. When I’m conducting a job interview with a newcomer, if they mention they are very newly arrived I’ll often ask if they have connected with MAGMA, CAFi, WorkingNB, ONB, or the immigration section of the City of Moncton website as appropriate. If not, I’ll provide them with the information. I’ll often get a thank you from them later, saying they really appreciated the information, have reached out to the recommended agency, and are benefitting from it.”

— Pat Langelaan, Assistant Director, Talent and Culture, Accor Global Reservation Centre