GMLIP Newcomers / Immigrant Success Stories Nomination Form

Thanks for taking the time to recognize a newcomer/immigrant person in your community. The Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership would like to recognize immigrants who have made significant contributions to the Greater Moncton community and reflect what newcomers/immigrants can achieve from settlement to establishing their lives in our community.

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Please note: the Selection Panel will consider nominations according to the following criteria:  

  • Consistency: The extent to which behaviours have occurred consistently, over a period of time.

  • Application to the wider community: The extent to which the person has successfully encouraged or inspired others in his/her community (e.g. family, friends, peer group, other community members) to engage in similar behaviours. 

  • Sign of effort: The extent to which these behaviours have been a challenge for the person, they have had to change previous behaviours, and they have persevered.

  • Positive impact: The extent to which the behaviours have resulted in a positive impact and change in the person and the people around them.  

Successful nominees will be contacted directly. Their success stories will be shared through the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership Facebook Page.