Beyond the First Week

Beyond the First Week

Beyond the First Week

New immigrant hires need regular check-ins to clarify misconceptions, avoid future misunderstandings, and improve the orientation process. Consider asking new hires these questions:

  • What has surprised you about the way things work here?
  • What have you liked? What has frustrated you?
  • What information would have been helpful to have on your first day?


Consider This

To garner better feedback, replace yes-or no questions with open-ended questions:

Yes or No Questions Open-Ended Questions
Do you understand? What other information can I give you?
Does that make sense? What do you think?
Is that clear? How do you think we should start?
Do you have any questions? What other questions do you have?

Encourage newcomer employees to seek help if needed from the following resources:

Immigration Greater Moncton Newcomers’ Guide

The Greater Moncton Immigration Newcomers’ Guide outlines the available services for newcomers immigrating, living, studying, and working in Greater Moncton.

Greater Moncton Integration Services Brochure

The Integration Services brochure is a quick guide of available services and programs to help newcomers in the Greater Moncton area.

Immigration Greater Moncton Newsletter

Register here to receive regular updates on upcoming special events in Greater Moncton.


“It’s very important for your immigrant staff to know you all work as a team and there is help if needed. The employees of both the Moncton immigration office and MAGMA are very educated and helpful in answering any questions about required immigration documents. In the past, I’ve passed along my immigration contacts to my immigrant staff for any questions they may have had. It’s very important they receive the proper answers from an immigration professional.”

— Emily Mackenzie-Brush, Settlement Counsellor, MAGMA- AMGM (Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area)